The Water Park Injury

                I was expecting a fun, relaxing three day weekend. Going to Urgent Care Sunday evening was not in my plans! 

                Sunday morning, I picked up my niece, K, to take her to church followed by an outing to the local water park. It is a brand new water park, not very busy and perfect for aunt/niece outings.  We have enjoyed several visits there this summer.

                After enjoying our favorite attraction, the lazy river, we headed to the wave pool. Every time we go, I am so impressed with how much K’s swimming is improving. And she enjoys showing me what a great swimmer she is becoming!

                We enjoyed one set of waves and then we were both ready for lunch. As we were getting out, I was running in shallow water along with K and I felt a pop and severe pain in my calf. Thinking it was simply a muscle cramp, I sat down, massaged it a little and stood up. I could not stand on my left leg. K quickly saw I was in pain and started trying to figure out how to get me some help. When I tried standing up again and still could not put weight on my leg, I sent her to the lifeguard who was 20 feet away.

                The lifeguard came over to check it out and then called to the other lifeguard who was handling injuries. He got me an ice pack and filled out information since I got hurt in the park. K got our bag to bring to me but forgot my shoes. The nice lifeguard went and got my shoes, and I was able to stand up and hobble towards the exit. I forgot my flip flops and only had my church shoes: really cute low heeled sandals. I don’t think I’ll ever forget appropriate footwear for the water park again!

                Being September 1st in Texas, it was HOT. Poor K was miserable. Somehow, we managed to make it to my car. In retrospect, I should have accepted the offer of a wheelchair, even though I would have felt conspicuous being wheeled out of the water park. 

                After stopping by McDonalds, so I could get something for both of us to eat, I realized I was going to need help. My parents are out of town this week, so I called our wonderful neighbors. Fortunately, they were home and when I explained the situation, they said they would meet me at my house.

                I pull into the driveway and as I’m trying to figure out how to get myself into the house, the neighbors show up. With crutches! They help me get settled, including getting stuff out of my room on the second floor. They took K and kept her entertained for several hours so I could rest. They even took Sam out! And offered to take him home with them, but Sam is my buddy and I need him, especially when I’m not feeling well.

                When my neighbors came to check on me several hours later and found I was not much better, they insisted I go to urgent care. We managed to arrive just before closing and the receptionist barely fit me into the schedule. After nearly an hour of waiting, the doctor finally came in and determined I had a muscle tear. He told me to rest, ice my leg, use crutches, and see him in a few days if I was not much better.

                I had to go to work today on crutches and I am so exhausted. Fortunately, my leg is significantly better! Unfortunately, I have to explain that I tore a muscle getting out of a pool. If only I had a better story on how I injured my leg. 

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1 Response to The Water Park Injury

  1. Joy says:

    It’s almost a great story! At least you were out doing something fun, and playing with a kid.

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