Vegan Diet, Day 1

As you can probably tell from my title, I started a vegan diet today. I’m committing to a week of this. That means no meat, dairy, eggs or even honey. So no ice cream the next week! This will probably be the most difficult part.

Day 1 went pretty well except I wasn’t sure what to eat and found myself rather hungry. My go to snack has been string cheese. Now I guess it will be nuts. And fruit. I’ve had so much fruit today – peach, banana, dried cranberries, fresh apricot and cherries.

The nice thing about this diet is no limit on food. So when I am hungry, I can eat! Got to love that part, right?

Why am I doing this you ask? Because I’ve been reading up on vegan diets and how they can really help with weight loss for those of who just can’t seem to drop that extra weight. Also, it’s really good for your health (i.e. lowering cholesterol, lowering cancer risk).

As for my weight, it just does not seem to be moving. I’m up 2 pounds, then down 2 pounds, then up 2 pounds. Just losing the same 2 pounds over and over.


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