Vegan Diet, Day 4

Today I was much hungrier than yesterday. Could have been yesterday’s good workout.

My favorite meal of the day was a Trader Joe’s Organic Tofu burger on a toasted whole wheat pita with homemade hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers and romaine lettuce. I think I am enjoying vegan food more than I enjoy any other food.

Of course, today my family had one of my favorites for dinner: Dad’s smoked brisket. I was so glad I ate dinner before them!

I’ve been tracking my calories for a couple of days and it’s interesting. Yesterday I went way over on my carbs (but it was all fiber) and was under for my sugar. Today I was under on my carbs but way over on my sugar (the Larabar and soy yogurt upped my sugar count).

This morning for breakfast I enjoyed a Larabar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I checked Larabar’s website to make sure it was vegan. They ask their supplier to produce vegan chocolate chips but there is a chance of cross contamination since the supplier does make chocolate chips containing dairy. That is good enough for me! What do you think?

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