My Future Self and Fear

Today I realized who I want to get healthier for: my future self. How many times have I wished my past self hadn’t indulged, skipped the gym, spent hours in front of the tv, etc.? And how many times have I been so happy the next day that I didn’t indulge, went to the gym, read a book instead of watching tv, etc.?

Although I did enjoy my one soda and a few small white chocolate covered pretzels today, I met my goals of limiting myself to one soda. My other goal was to not overdo it when I went out to dinner with a friend but said friend rescheduled for this weekend. Instead, I cooked fish, broccoli & rice for dinner. And I managed to stick to my calorie goal per MFP! Not only that, but I took my dog, Sam, for a nice long walk when I got home. He was very happy with my decision!

Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache which lasted all day despite Excedrin. The soda didn’t help, the walk didn’t help but a nice long, hot epsom salt bath helped. Epsom salts really help draw out those toxins.

I keep picturing what my future self will look like: thin with a nice flat stomach. And I realized what I fear the most in this process is not giving up my favorite foods and the soothing feeling I get from over eating. No, it is that I will not lose weight. Really, though, what’s the worst that could happen? I don’t lose weight but I am healthier, have more energy and if I keep working out, I will definitely see some positive changes to my body. There’s no good reason to not keep moving forward with making better changes.

What do you want to tell your future self? What do you want to do now to make life better for your future self? What’s your biggest fear when it comes to being healthier and losing weight?

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1 Response to My Future Self and Fear

  1. Jennifer says:

    I want to tell my future self, “See, it was all worth it! The pain, the struggle, look at you now! Aren’t you glad you took that chance and made a change, it was worth the wait!”
    To make life better for my future self, maintain my weight, finish school, and not be so selfish.
    My biggest fear when it comes to eating healthier, is what will I replace that piece of chocolate with? But come to think of it, do I really get THAT much pleasure from a piece of chocolate?
    Good luck today!

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