More details on my Facebook status

                I hope my “I need prayers, please” post on Facebook this morning didn’t scare anyone. Thanks for all of your prayers today. The past 24 hours have been a real struggle for me.

                As most of you know, in 2011 I made the decision to change careers from finance to education. And while my job satisfaction has gone through the roof, I have struggled with finding a teaching job. I loved substitute teaching and loved being a teacher’s aide even more but it doesn’t pay the bills.

                Fortunately, my family has been extremely supportive of this venture. For the past 2 ½ years, I’ve been living with my parents. This has gone really well. I adore and respect my parents. My mom has become my best friend.  J While I think we’re all a little sad to see this phase end, it’s time. My parents are building a house in Granbury and my new Teacher’s Aide position is in East Fort Worth. Living with them is not going to be an option for much longer. And, as an adult, I am so ready for my own space. A bedroom, office, living room, and sewing room don’t fit well in one tiny 11×11 room!

                I am really struggling with understanding why God is calling me to education but not providing an income I can live on. I have applied for hundreds of jobs. I have talked to numerous educators, including many principals. I have emailed, called and hand delivered resumes to schools. And while I’ve had two interviews for teaching positions, neither offered me the job. I am constantly seeking God on my next move and following his leading. I still feel called to teach.

                People have been telling me for the past 2 ½ years that it’s tough to find a teaching job. But God isn’t limited by this. I know He’s called me to this, and most of my friends and family agree.

                Honestly, if God wants me in a support position for the rest of my career, I would be fine with that if He makes it financially possible. I think the hardest part for me right now is I was so sure God was going to provide me a teaching job this year and it has not happened. Granted, they’ll still be hiring teachers throughout the year but most hiring is done. So a teaching job isn’t outside the realm of possibilities…

                While a permanent second job is not an option for me, I have taken on all kinds of opportunities such as babysitting, house cleaning, and editing professional documents. I am also working on starting two side businesses but have been too busy job searching to devote much time to them.

                I did go visit my new school today and really like the teacher I’ll be working for. Being in her room, felt like the right place for me. I cannot wait to meet our students!           

                If you have thoughts, questions or encouragement, you can leave them here or on my Facebook page. 

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2 Responses to More details on my Facebook status

  1. Valerie Moore says:

    I will continue to pray! Somehow, I missed this career change, though I picked up on bits and pieces. Now all the pieces are coming together! I’m excited about your future and how you are following God’s leading. Good things are bound to come, even if they aren’t the good things we expect!!

  2. cherril hale says:

    I have experienced not only In my life but in others that just when we have done all we can and we are at the point of saying “what now God” He shows us exactly what we the meantime Praise Praise Praise Him with song, dancing, scripture, helping others, singing..whatever you do to praise Him..takes your eyes off the problem and back on Him..That is where He wants us to be..cause it takes the burden off of us and puts it back on Him where it belongs. He is in control and has a great plan for your you…hugs

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