I made it more than week!

I haven’t posted the past 2 days because I have been so busy. Sundays tend to be busy with church in the morning, family lunch, a much needed nap and then my Life Group meets in the evening. My church & Life Group are on the other side of town but totally worth spending 2 hours in the car on Sundays.

Good news: I lost 3.6 pounds during my week long “experiment”. Now that’s a way to encourage a girl to keep up a diet change!

Sunday I beat my parents home from church by about 20 minutes. I was so hungry! By the time they got home, I was halfway through my meal. Going meatless results in much quicker meal preparation. I ended the day with fries from McDonald’s. Having been gluten free for a while, I know they use a dedicated fryer for their french fries. Certainly not a food choice I will be making every day! 

Monday I continued on with the Vegan diet. I had purchased some Boca Vegan burgers on Sunday and I was anxious to test them out. Looking at the long list of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and being fairly certain they contain a form of MSG, I was nervous. They are 1/2 the price of the Sunshine Organic burgers. I definitely prefer the Sunshine Organic veggie burgers but the Boca burgers were not bad. Really I need to find easy homemade alternatives that I can freeze.

The other positive of Monday was I sat down & ate dinner with the family. It didn’t bother me that they were eating fish. My food was better! I had a Boca burger wrap on a whole wheat tortilla.

I blew it today. Getting up early to take my cousin to the airport resulted in a Starbucks run. I indulged in a Mocha Latte and a blueberry scone. And the rest of the day was shot. Tomorrow is a new day.

Honestly, I did want to see how I reacted to dairy & meat since there’s a good chance I’ll have to eat some while on vacation next week and want to make sure my body is prepared for it. Hopefully I’ll get to mostly stick to the Vegan diet. I’m riding with someone and need to find out if she has room for me to bring a small cooler & bag of food.

I’ve been mulling over some non food related posts. Maybe I’ll get to post more tomorrow. It is summer break after all!

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3 Responses to I made it more than week!

  1. Somer says:

    I just read about your vegan week! Great job!!! And yes, going vegan is a great way to lose weight, but you will reap the other health benefits you mentioned as well: lower cholesterol, less cancer risk, lower risk of heart attacks and more. Keep it up!!!

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