Part-Time Vegan

So I am declaring myself a part-time vegan. Some days I manage to eat vegan all day. Other days, just breakfast.

Breakfast is probably the easiest meal for me to eat vegan. I usually eat oatmeal with ground flax and cinnamon. Switching cow’s milk for almond milk is so easy. As is using soy creamer in place of cow’s milk in my coffee.  And on the days I do not have time to cook oatmeal I eat toasted Ezekiel bread. Now I’m just working on exchanging butter for coconut oil on my toast.

Since I can not seem to stick to vegan all day, every day, I am now going to commit to eating vegan for breakfast and lunch every day and dinner at least 3 days per week. Hopefully I can slowly phase my taste buds over to 100% vegan.

Today for lunch I made vegan burgers. Way cheaper than buying them! It did take an hour but it made 8 so I can freeze them for future use. My mom thought they were better than hers. Here’s the recipe I used: My only changes were I used carrot pulp from juicing instead of shredded carrots and used almond flour and sunflower seed flour instead of chopped nuts. Then I topped my burger with my favorite toppings: salsa and avocado!

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